Boys Brigade

The Somerset Battalion Parade takes place once a year at one of Somerset’s company’s church/town.  It begins with a parade march around that town, then there is a service at the company’s church where the two Colours (Queen’s Colours and the Battalion Colours) are brought in by the company who hosted the parade the previous year and then taken out by the host church’s  company.  After the service the parade then march the same route again. Chard hasn’t hosted this for some years and so it was a privilege to do this especially as this year represents the District centenary. 


In recognition of the centenary, a baton relay was begun in the Channel Islands, up through Cornwall and Devon and was with us at Chard for the Parade Service.  It is now carrying on up to Gloucestershire.  Inside the baton there will eventually be photographs of all the companies within the District but at this time I am not sure of what will eventually happen to the baton.  It seems that it may be made into a trophy and presented to one of the companies within the district but we have to wait and see.

The photo shows the Mayor of Chard, Jenny Kenton, came along together with her Mace Bearer and her Chaplain who is Cresswell Whitton and Rev Anna Flindell.